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how sbf came to be..


Let me take you back to 2011 and an online store e-commerce store selling tea (Yes, I was one of those). It took me two months to build an embarrassing Wix website, then pay a freelance decider to never delivered and stole money from me, design and print some terrible looking business cards and create an Instagram with a whole lot of #fitspo hashtags. I had no idea what I was doing. Five months later the business had tanked and I wound up with 36 boxes of unsold tea that I either gave away or sold on eBay. 

Broke and nursing a bruised ego I started looking for where It all went wrong. The answer became clear almost immediately… everywhere. I spent the next 2 years packing boxes in a warehouse while learning everything I could about online selling strategies, marketing, social media and website design. Leaving the boxes behind, I eventually landed an entry-level client manager position for a bespoke website and marketing agency catering for SMB’s throughout Australia and New Zealand. What I learned soon after surprised me. 

Very quickly, it became obvious many of the small business owners I spoke to sounded just like me! Full of hope and excitement for their shiny new website (and paying a fortune for the privilege) but having little to no idea where to go from there when it came to marketing their product or service.  They were usually too involved in keeping their business afloat to devote time designing marketing materials and building their brand online. l I knew there was so much more I could do for my clients, but the business model didn’t allow it. 

Fourteen months later, I was leading a team of 6 client managers and 5 designers, overseeing 2,000+ website builds and feeling completely unfulfilled. 

That’s when I left and started SBF with the goal of partnering with as many small business owners as I could to help them market their small business and avoid all the mistakes I made years earlier. Today, I have an incredible team of amazing people who share my vision for helping small business owners expose their businesses, sharing in their journey of turning ideas into empires. 

 Ty Pryor
Founder, Small Business Fuel


Deal with one team, One Business. Everything You Need to Fuel Your Small Business Growth

Social Media

We’ll get you started (or moving forward) by creating your online presence on facebook and Instagram, or run low-cost facebook marketing ads on your behalf. 

What You’ll Get:
– Page Banners
– Profile Picture
– Your First 5 Posts (Content & Imagery)
– Facebook / Instagram Ads
– Facebook Groups


Business Cards

Do you give out a lot of business cards? They’re one of the first points of contact when dealing with potentially new clients. Do your cards give the right impression of your business?

What You’ll Get
– Business Card Design
– Image Files (If Choosing to Print Yourself)
– Incredibly Affordable Prices
– Printing Options
– Free Delivery On Orders under 500 cards or more

Email Campaigns

Emails not dead! Most small (and big) businesses often overlook the power of a well-crafted and targeted email campaign. 

What You’ll Get:
– Free Completed Set Up
– Powerful, No-Cost Email Platform
– Easy to Follow Email Marketing Strategy
– You First 5 Email Campaigns (Content + Imagery)
– Free 30 Minute Tutorial on how to use the platform


Web Development

88% of Australian have ready access to the internet via mobile , PC and tablets ( That’s over 21,864,512 potential visitors to your website

What You’ll Get:
– A 4-6 page Website
– Built on WordPress (25% of the internet)
– Website Design and Creation
– OnSite SEO and copywriting
– Includes Free Email & Social Media Set-Up

Copywriting / On-Site SEO

Our copywriters will research and understand your industry, ensuring customer understand your business to a tee. We have just the right copy for your website or marketing material.

Marketing Material

Looking to have a flyer, brochure or special business promotion occasion banner created for on or offline? Our visual crew have the tools and know how to nail the brief and represent your business in the best possible light. 

meet the team

Most of our amazing team are working behind the scenes working to create your small business success, but these three are the cogs that drive then wheels at SBF

Jason Siu

Jason Siu

Client Manager.. Manager
(Table Tennis Extrodinaire)

Christina Foster

Christina Foster

Creative Director

(90’s Music Queen)
Jason Wardak

Jason Wardak

Visual Media

(Selfie King)

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