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Anyone can write, but not just anyone can write well

Let us dig deep and find out what makes your business special

Image by Kaitlyn Baker

Ever been to a party and met a really boring person who only talks about themselves, confuses you with long words and isn't interested in anything you have to say? 

That's what having bad copy is like.


If you bore your customer to tears and use pretentious words like, "synergy" and "paradigm-shifting" they aren't going to want to talk to you, let alone open their wallets.

Tips For Improving Your Copy

Give direction

Humans are bad decision-makers, so instead of making your customers choose what to do next, guide them instead. Direct them to a specific action and give them a great reason to do so e.g. "New customers get 20% off MOTs until the 30th March. Claim yours now".

Grab attention

You can have the best-looking website in the world with great SEO, but if your words generate all the feeling and excitement of a long weekend in Slough then you're unlikely to inspire as many customers to pick up the phone as you could. Show them why they should care, why your service is valuable, and what they're passing up by not taking advantage of it.

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Incorporate scarcity

Offers that consumers know will be gone tomorrow are more likely to result in purchases than offers which are long-standing (like the seemingly never-ending sale at DFS). 


An example would be Small Business Fuel's offer of a free website health check to the first 10 people who request it.

Tell a story 

BGL Group struggled to "be different" and attract customers to their insurance comparison site.


They had the genius idea of making a spoof advert, starring an aristocratic Russian Meerkat complaining that people looking to save on car insurance at were accidentally coming to his website


The ad was funny, engaging and got its message about saving money on car insurance across without appearing boring or generic. The wordplay of "meerkat" vs. "market" also overcame the high keyword costs for digital advertising, which probably saved the company a fortune too.

The lesson here: 
be unashamedly different and create a good story around your company. 

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