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What is Hertfordshire SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization and it's a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy. Moz says SEO is the practice of increasing both the quality and quantity of non-paid website traffic. This means designing your site so that search engines send prospects your way, instead of to your competitors.

Hertfordshire SEO does exactly what it says on the tin - Search engine optimisation for businesses in Hertfordshire.

How Can SEO Help My Business?

The website at the top of the search results gets around 18% of the total organic traffic. The site at number 10 gets about 1%. The higher your site moves up the Google ranking, the more customers you get. Most UK businesses' websites aren’t optimised, costing the economy around £43 Billion per year. 


If you’re a business owner in Hertfordshire then someone needs to be paying attention to your website’s SEO. Whether it's you or a Digital Marketing Agency doesn't matter, as long as someone is on top of it. Business owners sometimes tell me that "they don't have time to think about SEO.


This is like saying they don't have time to think about where their premises are! It could be on a busy high street, or in a back alley, some business owners don't care. 35% of Business Owners even admitted to having little or no understaning of how Google works.. The great news is that some of them are your competitors! By realising that SEO is important, you already have an advantage.

Find out how Small Business Fuel will increase your Google rank and win you more customers.

Contact us to find out how Small Business Fuel can get you the lions-share of search traffic.

What Our Hertfordshire SEO Services Include

Audit and Goal Setting

First we take a look at your website and give you a lay of the land. We provide an honest assessment of what’s going well and what needs improving. We also identify any tweaks we can make that will give you quick wins. We do this, free of charge for anyone interested. Contact us today to claim your free website SEO audit.



Next we figure out what keywords your customers are searching Google for. Let’s say you’re a mechanic in Watford. You want people to find you when they search for the phrase “Watford Mechanic”. But what if you’re on the border between Watford and St Albans? You'll also want to show up when people search for “St Albans Mechanic” and double your customer base. We often find new expansion opportunities that our clients are unaware of. This could be demand in areas they weren't pursuing, like Hertford or Stevenage, or a new service offering.

Content Creation

Once we’ve identified the lowest hanging fruit we create content that searchers will find useful. We position you as the best business to serve them.

To continue our mechanic example, first we'd create a page detailing how you’re a trusted mechanic serving Watford. We'd then create a similar page for St Albans. Google likes pages that are specific to what the searcher wants. Imagine that your mechanic competitor's site has one page. This page is about how they serve the whole of Hertfordshire and offer every service under the sun. Now imagine your website has a page for every town you serve and another page for each service you provide in each town. For example MOT's in Watford, Servicing in Watford, Repairs in Watford and the same for St Albans. Which page do you think will rank higher on Google when someone searches "MOT in Watford"? That is SEO in a nutshell.

Technical Optimisation

Next, we get into the weeds with the technical digital marketing stuff. Google has over 200 “ranking factors” that influence the order of its search results. These include tags, site speed, mobile display and many more. We optimise these to give you the best chance of ranking. We get you links from well respected local news sites like The Watford Observer and Hertfordshire Mercury. This will help build your Domain Authority, another crucial ranking factor. We make sure to leave no stone unturned to give you the best chance of bagging the number 1 spot.

Test Tube

Conversion Optimisation

Once prospects are flowing into your site, we focus on turning as many of them into customers as possible. For this, we use our secret collection of tools, tactics and analytics. If we told you what they were, we'd have to kill you.


Finally, we assess what great progress your site's made. Then we create a plan to make it rank even higher and turn even more site visitors into customers.

Did you know it's often possible to get more customers with a few simple changes to your website? 

Why Choose Small Business Fuel for Your SEO?

If your site isn't optimised for search engines, no one is going to find it. Google is where people go to find everything from petrol stations to accountants. So why should you trust Small Business Fuel to be your digital marketing agency?

Our Knowledgeable Team

We’re SEO experts. We've helped a variety of businesses from Hertfordshire and beyond. We've also featured everywhere from SKY TV to the amazing book The Leader’s Guide to Resilience.

Low Employee to Client Ratio

We heavily limit the number of our Hertfordshire SEO clients to make sure we provide the highest quality service. We’ll never be too busy to answer your questions. - We heavily limit the number of our Hertfordshire SEO clients to make sure we provide the highest quality service. We’ll never be too busy to answer your questions.

100% Hertfordshire SEO

It’s common practice in Digital Marketing to outsource a lot of work overseas. This often results in less accountability and less understanding of the local market. All our SEO is done in house by our Hertfordshire team.

We Keep You up to Date

You’ll always be kept in the loop with monthly reports on your site’s SEO progress. You'll also get a dedicated account manager who'll answer any questions you might have.

No Long Term Contracts

SEO is like a diet. Doing it for a month is useful but the best results come from long term consistent effort. We don’t ask our Hertfordshire SEO clients to sign any long term contracts, so the ball’s always in your court.

We frequently find opportunities that transform businesses in our research. Send us a message to arrange your free SEO Health Check today. You never know what we'll find.

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