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If Google can't find your website

your customers won't be able to either

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation


In a nutshell, it means designing your site so search engines like Google can easily find it and see that it offers value.


All things being equal, a site with great SEO will appear higher in the results than their less optimised competitors.


If you Google your industry and area and your competitors appear higher up the page than you, your SEO might be why.


How Important is SEO?

The website at the top of the search results gets around 18% of the total organic traffic. The site at number 10 gets just over 1%. That's a huge difference! 


SEO should matter to anyone who wants their business to keep

attracting new customers from search organically over the coming years.

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We Can Help With


Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

We'll design a comprehensive plan to improve your SEO. Over half the UK's websites aren't effectively optimised and the old cliche "failing to plan is planning to fail" certainly applies here.

On-Page Optimisation and Site Structure

We'll make sure that your website delivers a great user experience and is well structured for search engines.


Useful and Engaging Content

We'll write articles that get people talking and sharing, which is one of the key factors Google uses to determine rankings.

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Link Building

We'll help with building links that will increase your site authority on Google. 


The more quality backlinks a site has, the higher they will rank in search engine listings.  But, it's not just the number of links that matter anymore, it's how good they are.


Quality over quantity is key and the Google algorithm is constantly updated to prevent spammy SEO practices.  If a provider is selling SEO services at a too-good-to-be-true price, it's likely they'll be using 'black hat' techniques that will hurt your site's Google rank.


We can't overstate the importance of reviews for local businesses.


This study shows that reviews including the searched-for keyword were the 2nd most influential factor when examining a business’s performance in the Local Pack (the box of local search and map results that appears at the top of relevant searches in Google).


This is the first thing customers will see when they search for most services, so if your site has fewer positive reviews than your competitors or doesn't have reviews that mention the right keywords, new business might be slipping through your fingers every day.

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Contact us to talk about how you can improve your 

search engine optimisation

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